Florida Pain Medicine is a rotation site and teaching facility for USF Health ACGME Pain Medicine Fellowship and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency.
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Abdominal Pain


Disorder when the cells lining the uterus grow in other areas of the body, leading to diffuse pain, irregular bleeding, and possible infertility. The cause of the migration is unknown, but there may be a genetic component involved. Symptoms may include painful periods, pain in the lower abdomen before and during menstruation, mild to severe cramps, & pelvic, abdominal, low back, or leg pain.

Muscle Pain
Muscle pain, aches, spasms, or tightness may result from damage to the muscles or nearby soft tissue. Pain may be perceived at a location other than the original stimulus (referred pain).

Visceral Pain (Organ Pain)
Referred pain from when the internal organs are damaged. Not all organs produce painful stimulus, however, minor lesions in the hollow organs (stomach, bladder, or ureters) can produce severe pain. Symptoms will often be pain in the abdomen, pelvic, or lower back region, and may be hard to describe the precise location.

Postherpetic Neuralgia
Persistent pain after an outbreak of shingles due to nerve damage. Symptoms can range from mild to severe depending on the damage. Sensitivity to touch and temperature are common, and the pain is described as aching, burning, stabbing, or even shock-like. A rash may sometimes be seen.