Injured on the Job? We Can Help

In 2018, private industry employers reported a total of 2.8 million non-fatal workplace injuries. For many, the chronic pain caused by their injury affects their ability to get back to the rigors of their jobs or engage in their favorite activities.

If you’re struggling to recover from a job injury, we can help. At Florida Pain Medicine, we specialize in pain management, combining interventional medicine, regenerative medicine, and physical medicine to create a treatment plan that’s customized to your unique health care needs.

Defining job-related injuries

Work-related injuries cover a broad range of possible problems. You may trip over a box someone left in the middle of the floor, fall, and injure your back. You could suffer an acute crush injury. Or you may develop an overuse injury like carpal tunnel syndrome over years of working at a keyboard.

The bottom line is this: Job-related injuries include any accident that occurs while doing your job and any health problem that’s caused by the work you do.

Some of the most common injuries include:

After thoroughly evaluating your health and performing a physical exam to diagnose the underlying problem, we choose a mix of treatments that will do the best job of alleviating your pain, restoring your health, and getting you back in action.

Interventional treatments get to the source of your pain

Interventional pain medicine includes a variety of minimally invasive procedures. These procedures target the nerves that transmit pain signals to your brain. 

Using varying techniques, interventional procedures block the nerves. If your brain doesn’t get the message, you won’t feel the same level of pain.

These are a few examples of interventional treatments that can help:

Depending on the treatment you receive, you may not get 100% pain relief, but you should achieve enough pain relief to regain better function and participate in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Regenerative medicine accelerates healing

Regenerative medicine uses the natural healing cells from your own body, platelets and stem cells, to repair damaged tissues.

We may recommend platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and/or stem cell injections when your injury is severe or slow healing, your age has slowed down the natural healing process, or when your injury is in tissues with a poor blood supply.

PRP contains a high concentration of platelets obtained from your own blood. When we inject PRP at the site of your injury, the platelets release proteins that accelerate healing, recruit stem cells to the area, and regulate inflammation.

Stem cells are unique healing agents that can self-replicate and create a new cell. The new cell then develops into many different tissues, creating all the new tissues needed to repair your specific injury.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Physical therapy and rehabilitation are essential treatments for achieving long-term pain relief and restoring optimal function. The techniques used during physical therapy, provide benefits such as:

Your rehabilitation is geared to meet your personal goals. For example, we develop exercises that improve the skills you need to return to your job, sports, or other activities.

If you need help overcoming the pain and disability of a job-related injury, call Florida Pain Medicine, or book an appointment online today.

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